91. Our Tendencies

As I look back

A nature banal

Struck by what others lack

Tendencies universal

To gawk at a lack

Feel the emptiness

From a chide to flak

Chained by loathness

A tendency to punish

As a sadist mind

An urge for anguish

A disease of mankind

A tendency to eliminate

Erase from the root

An urge to frustrate

Turns man to a brute

A tendency to reject

Feel superior

An urge to object

Man’s terminal failure

A tendency to ignore

Take pleasure to neglect

Treat the other an eyesore

Belittle man’s self-respect

Why treat people your own

With a brutal force

For what seems unknown

Think, feel the remorse

See lack as an ailment

To be healed

Not to mutilate or torment

Thus is my secret revealed

© Venkat


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