88. Always

In this life, impermanent

An adage forever

A message to augment

A heart held barer

As we look for change

Untangle from confusion

From old habits, estrange

Wear a new vision

Some things always remain

The pain of grief

A heart of stain

A shaken belief

The smile of a child

Joy of giving

The nature of wild

Rewards of simple living

Indeed, always a lack

Of depth in our observation

A lesson as we look back

Unshackled from tension

Always someone

Who does things better

Our thinking left undone

By a new trend-setter

Always a better place

To be in

A situation to face

By a path untraveled within

© Venkat


3 Comments to “88. Always”

  1. Hello, im new here, i really i your work, well done, 5star.

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