87. Words

A blooming Universe

New eyes and ears

Meanings no longer terse

A child’s growing years

A means to get a grip

To control or let go

Think through an emotional trip

To embrace life with it’s flow

The power of every word

Beyond our words

A way to relate outward

Understand life backwards

Words we use

From our upbringing

A foundation of our muse

Shades of meaning

How we use them

To convey our ideology

Lives from prose to poem

Birth to eulogy

When we use them

To gain understanding

Teaches to judge dirt from gem

The knowledge situations bring

Why we use each word

From an inner thought

Or the feelings inward

Conveys when we loved or fought

© Venkat


2 Comments to “87. Words”

  1. After your visit and you wonderful comment, I just had to visit you also my brother! And i found myself another wonderful poet friend with beautiful talent! I shall be visiting you often my friend, and what would you have me call you, that is what do your friends or family call you let me know as we conversate visiting each others poems…you have a great gift, i am blessed to have shared it today! Thanks for the blessing of meeting you!

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