85. Why Feel Guilty

A surge of guilt

For not knowing

Embarrassed to the hilt

A mystery deepening

A birth of irritation

Anger within

A quiet mind’s division

Feeling the blood on skin

A war of mind

Use of verbal weapon

Nerves grind

A dying love’s beacon

As I fish for an answer

In deep sense of feeling

Where life seems over

Losing hope of meaning

Lying at the cause

Not our intention

As I think with a pause

I get closer to comprehension

Ideology, beliefs, values and theory

At the core of our feeling

Held tightly by our own boundary

A demise of peace, of our own making

The pride of knowledge

Leading to guilt of ignorance

With euphoria, living on the edge

Attaching too much importance

Negative states of an agonized mind

Seem cousins of exaggeration

Of positive things we find

Resulting in behavioral aberration

© Venkat


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