84. Our World of Relativity

The meaning of matter

In the eye of mind

Sometimes long, sometimes shorter

Contradictory to find

To man’s alarm

The nature of real

At times harsh, at times warm

An illusion, brutal

Whatever stands today

The way of life

Remains present or goes away

A paradox across humanity, rife

The same object

Shows up a new face

A concept one cannot reject

Across time or space

The same subject

Differs in meaning, subtle

We do not detect

Across opinion of people

A meaning in the end

Truth plural, divided

A message hard to send

Death of thoughts, one-sided

In this world of relativity

We may walk, swim or race

The only real verity we see

Differs across people, time or space

© Venkat


3 Comments to “84. Our World of Relativity”

  1. An interesting and well concieved poem. Relativity fascinates me too. Enjoyed.

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