82. A Time For Everything

Ideas of beauty

A picture of words

Illusion of bounty

A dream with songbirds

An attraction too soon

A passionate affair

Thoughts tied to a balloon

Blind to justice, unfair

A restless mind

Seeking the invisible

Trying hard to find

An end, unstable

In this World, material

Pressures of information

Speed of offer or denial

Stories of sensation

One can often see

What attracts in real

One’s futile attempt to be

With possessions unequal

An attempt to buy time

A way of life, mad

An unwritten crime

Clothed in illusion, fad

There is a time for everything

That will be known soon

A right song to sing

Will come with the tune

The fast way to get

Let things unwind

Life’s best bet

To kill impatience from mind

© Venkat


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