81. Whatever comes my way

A point in my life

Deep in meaning

As an edge of a knife

Risky, sharp learning

At my age

From cynicism to snobbery

Frustration to rage

I have crossed every boundary

To brush aside

Other’s thoughts as meaningless

Living beside

My own emptiness

I may be on the right

But blind to their world

Clogged brain, losing sight

In my shell as a turtle, curled

My eyes at last have opened

To share my heart

Love the thoughts I shunned

Stitching the world I left apart

To the blind

I shall listen

With an open mind

See their life brighten

To the immature

I shall explain

Forget my stature

Be simple and plain

To the confused

I shall clarify

Give what I refused

Learn to pacify

To the lonely

I shall be around

Be of help timely

And remain on the ground

I shall learn to love

Whatever comes my way

Consider it a gift from above

Pay something back to life each day

© Venkat


2 Comments to “81. Whatever comes my way”

  1. Hi Venkatarama, I enjoy reading your poem, especially the last line ‘Pay something back….’. I always felt giving back is more delicious than receiving. By the way I am also from Bangalore- currently living in South America. Keep posting.
    Thank you for following my blog.

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