80. Every Moment of Pain

A grimace from every wound

Piercing the nerve

Unusual self, least attuned

Without control, thoughts swerve

I have often found

Life’s conundrum inside

Losing my ground

With loneliness beside

Life has its way

Hurting in pleasure

Making the mind sway

Or repent at leisure

Unhappy moments

I have seen

Build sound judgments

To find what they mean

A time to introspect

Look beneath one’s hurt

Life, not being perfect

A denial to avert

Each uncertain plight

Carries a seed of change

To ponder with your might

Brings an answer, though strange

In times of hardship

A struggle to get free

Gives a grip

As root of a tree

To think deep without flinching

At every moment of pain

Till emergence of a meaning

From bitterness, get a sweet gain

© Venkat


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