78. Seeking Feedback

A need for technology

As basic as your bread

From birth to eulogy

Thoughts undressed

No barrier of sex or race

Crossing undrawn lines

Technology’s fast pace

Man’s immature signs

A touch of device

With impatience he can’t part

Oblivious to human cries

Away from other’s heart

With ease of access

Man seeks feedback

A phenomenon in excess

Covering up for his lack

Means to build his ego

His obsession, his own theme

To hear own words, to know

A self-satisfaction scheme

Gone are the ways

Of patient listening

Good old days

In search of meaning

A positive or critical message

Be it worth or a waste

Has its own age

As cooking, for taste

A lesson to learn

To let feedback come on its own

A respect to earn

Wait for the fruit of seed one has sown

© Venkat


6 Comments to “78. Seeking Feedback”

  1. I am indeed happy, there is someone who can relate to my writing. To me, the attempts to think over things is second nature. To put it in form of a poem is a matter of making the fingers speak those thoughts.

  2. very well said…good poetry!!!

  3. You are working on your personal balance with each poem. Congratulations on finding something (poetry/career) that can help keep you whole.

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