76. Making Sense of Perfection

To a gymnast

A sense of timing

A glory to last

Joy of executing

To a carpenter

A sense of measure

An edge of a cutter

To sharpen, a pleasure

To a student

A sense of score

Make sound judgment

Excellence to the core

To a musician

A sense of sound

Elements of expression

Take to a higher ground

To each person

A meaning of perfection

With a single flaw, undone

A cause for tension

Nature of mind

Unable to accept

Trying hard to find

Losing what is kept

I spent my life

To answer the question

Man’s need to perfect, rife

A demand for explanation

Perfection, not a goal

But a view of the eye

To fit pieces of the whole

Not hard if you try

When a wrong

Is no longer so

You become strong

Out of a mind narrow

When a fault

Merges with virtue

You can exalt

No longer argue

When disorder

Equates to clarity

You reach the border

Of perfect sanity

© Venkat


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