73. Wheels of The Train

A dark early morning

Quiet murmur of air

World still sleeping

A love in my heart, rare

The chillness of space

Lit warm by intimacy

Admiring her placid face

On the road journey

Little thoughts, little words

A dancing heart, a sweet flow

Ogling as a pair of birds

I felt my life’s love glow

By the railway station

As she stepped into the train

A step to her destination

My heart hurt by a tingling pain

With a lump in my throat

I glanced at her waving hands

A receding shadow of a boat

Only footprints left by the sands

Dawn broke on the sky

My heart losing my sunshine

Unable to say goodbye

Drowned in deep feelings of mine

Away, my passion moved

As wheels of the train

Lost in tears, my soul removed

Watching her leave again

© Venkat


2 Comments to “73. Wheels of The Train”

  1. 🙂 To think of it! It has been only couple of hours since she left and you are already feeling lost! Priya Venkataraman, guess you need to pre-pone your journey!

  2. Wow……………Super. I love it.

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