72. Theory of Denial

Blood boiling in anger

A pressure waits to explode

Crossing limits of danger

A mind in warring mode

A borderline of fear

Shivers down the spine

An edge of a shot spear

Impending explosion of a mine

Two most common signs

Of negative states of mind

With poison, Man dines

Eating it, becomes blind

A cause for pride

Gripped by mania

Jumping above the tide

Bound by insomnia

Deep in the neck

Wallowing in cold blooded hate

Spiritually, a speck

Drowned by enmity’s spate

Man’s familiar twin-trouble

Of such states of mind

An uncontrollable wobble

To nurture them, his find

Four states of avoidance

Various forms of denial

Self-absorbed in a sense

Dead by life’s trial

He needs to realize

His lack of observation

Before he dies

Feel a spiritual sensation

A wise way out

From such a suffering

To think hard with doubt

On why he is denying

© Venkat


5 Comments to “72. Theory of Denial”

  1. Very nice poem, Enjoyed.

  2. Quite dark!

  3. Priya called it dark above, but why didnt I see it then? Was it a mistake that it seemed to me the ultimate truth? We need to dig into the roots, and find an answer, is that dark?

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