70. A Turn of My Habit

As you squirm while you sit

Facing the same city air

I declare a turn of my habit

A force lifts me from my chair

Gone away, mundane days

Turning the same circle

Upright, measuring my ways

I broke the inimical cycle

A secret of brain’s neuron

I found the nature of change

Away from images I held on

Flipping my world to a new range

Dreams I missed to pursue

A mission by the seas

Victories that failed to ensue

Now, I found my inner peace

I am sane, not yet wrong

Not a smug or wanting more

There is a reason for my song

Unlike fools, cock sure

A world of relativity

No fixation of the mind

I am my own curiosity

A universe away from daily grind

Answers beyond love and hate

A reason to sustain my search

Sense of a beauty unseen, great

A spirit to live when left in the lurch

I am not because of you

A freedom, an intuition

A sky not always blue

My senses, my illusion

I am beyond my word

A cage I left free

Flying high as a bird

Singing atop a lone tree

© Venkat


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