69. To Be Free

Quest for freedom

By a deep blue sea

Beat of a distant drum

A positive urge to be

Seeds of an unborn fruit

Sprouting roots of a tree

As an emerging shoot

A growing desire to be free

Man, in this quest

Avoiding himself in anger

Squelching his neighbor’s nest

Livid by an inner blur

Crushing in bitterness

His love in anguish

Bleeding in darkness

Searching for his wish

Caught in an effort not to be

Shackles of his own doing

Trapped in trying to be free

A death of his making

His thinks himself weak

A fear’s invasion

Thoughts he tries to speak

In reality, a limitation

No weakness on this earth

Just limits of one’s eyes

Everything in Man since birth

To fly high before he dies

New strengths come

At the cost of pain

A divided world to some

A heart with a stain

A secret on Man’s uncertain sides

Not seen enough

A freedom from what he avoids

By reason, deep and tough

© Venkat


2 Comments to “69. To Be Free”

  1. you know every where we turn we grab pieces of life and leave pieces in life so as we struggle to be free in a sense we are with the pieces we left and a sense were not with the ones we gained. good write loved reading it 🙂

  2. I can understand your point. Thanks very much for your thought on this.

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