68. You’ve got mail

A thick wire of metal

Hard by cold work to bend

Mind turning from a petal

Thick, unable to mend

A rat like behavior

Repeating what it does

Man, his own savior

Forgets it by internet buzz

Many works to be done

A piled up IN tray

Man thinks it is more fun

With email, every five minutes a day

Losing his sense of priority

He succeeds to fail

Away from nature, a pity

All for sake of a silly mail

Obsessed, a daily routine

Glued to his computer

Waiting for pleasure unseen

Coming from a network router

Nothing can stop Man’s way

Quirky, sad if you inspect

A thing to do once a day

Takes all the time in retrospect

Email, his treasure

For freedom, no room

His pride and pleasure

A slow melancholic doom

© Venkat


One Comment to “68. You’ve got mail”

  1. LNV,

    The poem is completely different ….I really enjoyed.


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