65. Pulchritude

Swathed in green hills

Breeze of scented thought

A slice of heaven fills

Wings of a butterfly uncaught

Flight of a lone pigeon

A farm by the freeway

Vibrant feelings legion

Heart of a blue sky day

Whisper of a warm wind

Of green leaves sound

Hear the sorrow rescind

A large lake unbound

Trail of a jet so high

A heart throb’s smile

Nuances of love fly

Flutter of feelings labile

Lying by a yellow field

Sun sinking in the back

Power within to wield

Love by the haystack

Enamored by a silent road

A distant hot air balloon

Losing life’s heavy load

Blooming in nature’s boon

A song of words as a bubble

A tender pulchritude

Listen to the universe subtle

Awaken a romance subdued

© Venkat


7 Comments to “65. Pulchritude”

  1. Your writing is truly beautiful…

  2. Dreamy and very romantic!

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