64. A Child’s Dream

Terrible age of preschoolers

A bundle of white innocence

A period of bothers

Driving parents to fence

Every child’s strength

A mountain of will power

A charm of infinite length

Fragile as a tender flower

Without judgment, able

Secret of their control

To think of the impossible

Swallow the world as a whole

A parent’s predicament

To let or not to let daily

Free to touch the firmament

Or tie in chains safely

Eyes of pristine wonder, calm

Steady when disturbed

A freeway by the farm

Flight of an unbound bird

No difference by love or hate

At home with fear or courage

No worries of future or fate

A time to learn from their age

Humble lessons to take

Hard trouble it may seem

Open your eyes, stay awake

See the world of a child’s dream

© Venkat


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