63. My Awry World

I find spoken words

Lose life and voice

I cannot listen to birds

A melody debased to noise

My beliefs in opinion

Mistakes that hurt

Life’s layers as an onion

Burning eyes avert

I shoot an arrow

With no target

A mind narrow

No means to test

Unable to read other’s points

To draw a line

A skeleton with no joints

Reasoning without spine

Why trust virtues of a pen

Without writing on paper

Why fear a dead lion’s den

A delusion going deeper

It takes two people

To know a relationship

Eyes of an eagle

See both sides for a grip

It takes two legs to stand

To remain stable

A lone thought in hand

Fails to make one able

Though I see answers

By the mind’s eye

It seems to get worse

The more I try

O Lord, take me away

From weakness by a swirl

Keep illusion at bay

To face my awry world

© Venkat


2 Comments to “63. My Awry World”

  1. A very profound insight… so difficult to escape illusion’s snare…

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