61. A Stumbling Block

A desire deep within

Destination in mind

To fly as a dolphin

Leave a trail behind

Reach to the top

Grow up to fame

A dream not to stop

Know the game

Success seemed whole

A wish came true

Driven by a goal

A lever to pull through

Fresh on a winning wave

A hard day it was

Celebration became grave

Fame, one of human flaws

Too proud to listen

A win larger than myself

To new ideas, not open

Deluded, satisfied by self

At top with vultures

Menacing and evil

A face of ugly features

Finding prey to kill

Idea of ‘great’ or ‘best’

A misnomer of ambition

To leave wisdom for the rest

A goal’s profound limitation

Positions of peak

Exist only in mind

Making eyes weak

Jaundiced and blind

The boundary of one’s goal

A stumbling block to summit

For success as a whole

Keep your goal open, no limit

© Venkat


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