60. Inside Out

Eyes on an outward world

Human sense, feels

Gripped by a worm uncurled

Oblivious to what it conceals

Caught in dress peculiarities

Fashion, gaudy or bright

Drawn into provoking oddities

Gaping at women in sight

Frown at a strange hairdo

Smirk on a long mustache

A sadistic peek-a-boo

Into a world you can’t catch

Brain clogged by sediment

Stuck by mind’s sleaze

Glued hard by sense’s cement

Judgment begins to freeze

Appearances attract, infuriate

Body shapes repel, seduce

Stirring attention or hate

Silent love, abuse

Better a crooked hat

Than a cunning intent

Better a physique fat

Than a mind immorally bent

Man judges by scenes

Blind with little doubt

But to know what it means

He needs to look inside out

© Venkat


2 Comments to “60. Inside Out”

  1. exemplary!

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