59. A Taste of Masala Movie

Essence of a masala movie

Much to critics’ distaste

Captures senses, sensuality

An appeal to plebeian taste

Formula known, not sub rosa

A concoction glossy, banal

As masala of a clichéd dosa

Motley of blood, arousal

Of triangular love, poignant pain

Women curvy, men intense

A song by the fields, in the rain

Bold, corny, emotionally dense

Of death, emotive tears

Script profuse, mushy lines

A mother-son love appears

Root of grandiose designs

Heroism in air, water, sand

Boiling anger, burning desire

Breaking shackles by hand

Alive in raining bullets, hot fire

Hero, runs past speeding cars

Maneuvers under a moving train

Protector in multiple avatars

Unmoved by blood and pain

Forms change, contents same

Spicy masala, ages gone

Arouse base feelings, the game

Human nature lingers on

© Venkat


One Comment to “59. A Taste of Masala Movie”

  1. Hahahaha! very funny! 🙂

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