58. A Mental Gym

Irony of Man today

Monies fill pocket

A white collared way

His waistline, his docket

Gone are the days

Of hard physical tone

Lost are the ways

Of doing on one’s own

A big fat paunch

Bloats to fill up fast

Forever on a couch

Stress, an overt forecast

Mind preoccupied

Stuffed with work

Observation died

Saw nature with a smirk

Have gadgets as slaves

A self-centered world

To the body as knaves

Truth shoved and curled

A mental world to live

Pressures to adorn

Lethargy to give

Lying listless forlorn

Man has evolved to graduate

Health club to a mental gym

A mind jogging to saturate

Well-being at his whim

© Venkat


One Comment to “58. A Mental Gym”

  1. Mental gym – wow! I think it is a new word altogether. It could go into Urban Dictionary!

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