55. Ageless Devotion, Ageless Principles

Be it rough weather

When hard times bother

Be it sunshine

When things appear fine

The souls that stand out

Live forever without doubt

To live by love and principle

When strong or lying feeble

The armor of their values

Withstands moment of blues

Their citadel of enduring faith

Keeps at bay every foe or wraith

Blessed is the family and home indeed

To have such a living soul with creed

Free from all vices and craving

A great model for simple living

This I write about my father

Who makes you look no further

To find the God and divine

In the very home called mine

A supreme way of daily life

Free from agony and strife

The regularity of his habit

As a husband doing his bit

Through tough times he has been

And financial pressures he has seen

He stood up with his diligence

And meticulous intelligence

Two things striking about him

His principles without whim

And steadfast devotion above all

Make him ageless, standing tall

© Venkat


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