54. The Immutable Bandh

The other day that was

A scene so common that festers

Livid in the name of a cause

Streets strewn with protestors

Jam the streets to the hilt

Shut down all forms of commerce

Devoid of shame or guilt

Burn effigies with mobs fierce

One has to take it may seem

Freedom of man’s creation

To the end of every extreme

To reach the ears of nation

Is the Government beyond approach?

Has it turned deaf with nerves numb?

Is the man on the street a cockroach?

How long can he survive as dumb?

Is there not a professional medium?

A means to exchange and find

To reduce the ever growing chasm

Between Govt. and a commoner’s mind

Can the Govt. provide a platform to protest?

Without layers of barriers it has swathed

Without making us insecure and detest

With a way to live our daily life unscathed

Bandhs and strikes are loathsome

There has to be a moment of death

To the disruption of man’s freedom

A need as dear as anyone’s breath

A day would come I certainly hope

When taking to the streets and rowdyism is banned

When I can be free of fear and cope

And demonstrate in ways anyone can withstand

© Venkat


One Comment to “54. The Immutable Bandh”

  1. Hope voices like yours reach out to the masses! The frustration in the poem stands out!

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