53. Interdependence

We crave for independence

A feeling innate and intense

We want to be different

Yet fall into a trap recurrent

The harder you try to go away

The tougher it is to hold sway

To separate is not the answer

Living distant in a cage forever

The notion of being on one’s own

With presumptions unknown

A cause for damage of character

Losing touch at every juncture

To think deep I must enjoin

See the other side of coin

To cling on to other people

A way for similar bungle

To depend, a dangerous symptom

You can’t speak up with freedom

Dictated by others each day

You lose to conflicts any way

Blind reliance, a disaster at any age

When you use to your advantage

You may get what you intend

But lose heavily in the end

Life is about a subtle balance

An open mind, a stable cadence

Maybe natural to depend to an extent

To a certain amount be independent

What this poem means to conclude

Is to show your humble gratitude

For moments of trust and reliance

But realize the dangers of distance

© Venkat


One Comment to “53. Interdependence”

  1. 🙂 Life is nothing but living on the edge!

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