51. News on My TV

Freedom of the press

Can be fun or cause distress

I find both on my television

Projecting news to the nation

News on my TV is hilarious

To me most of it is not serious

Half the TV screen has news tickers

Running so fast to my eyes, it flickers

Almost every story is breaking news

Channels push their exclusive views

Boasting with pride about the channel

So loud, they might come out of the TV panel

It is fun to watch how readers dramatize

As if they were out to revolutionize

Take control of your emotions

And make you change your notions

Movie stars and cricket have the share

Relegating the news we should care

I can only see mountains out of moles

Reality and TV seem like opposite poles

Most of the news seems negative

A reason to lose interest in TV’s motive

I have not seen more than five percent

Of good things or a positive event

This is a serious matter to think

The ship might go down and sink

I hope some day it would get better

Understand the viewer to the letter

© Venkat


2 Comments to “51. News on My TV”

  1. The news channels – infamous for their monstrosity for pushing the TRP ratings. Not at all surprising that they raise stress levels exponentially!Btw, Murli and I always find the "TMI" on the TV screen at any given point of time annoying!!

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