50. Unwelcome Ads

Guests and fish begin to smell

After just three days

Does this proverb ring a bell?

Tough to keep guests always

With discomfort to the bone

Having guests you know well

Imagine a person unknown

Presenting products to sell

Be it by the door, SMS or phone call

The intrusive pitch makes us mad

A hard sell to drive you up the wall

Oils for the hair loss you never had

Incessant calls for a credit card

Or harassing us for a personal loan

Makes me curse them hard

And hang up the phone

Wonder how they find

The mobile number and landline

Tormenting the quiet mind

Wish I could break their spine

Another form of annoying sales

The SMS junk thrown at you

Worse than the spam mails

You could kick them with a shoe

They stick to you like a parasite

A part of everyday world

Sucking your blood day and night

Lord! Save us from these ads hurled

© Venkat


One Comment to “50. Unwelcome Ads”

  1. Hahahaha! Got introduced to this wild side of yours! Very spirited 🙂

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