49. To Know But Say No!

A conundrum I always find

A nature common in many but strange

I have often turned blind

Knowing an answer but not the range

To know to exercise and avoid oil

To live without thoughts narrow

To think of others and one’s soil

We know well but seldom follow

It seems prevalent, not just me

To be irrational in behavior

To know but hard to see

Lose value and commit blunder

A lack of inner motivation

An inertia of old habits

Or a lack of prioritization

My confusion crosses limits

Trespasses despite awareness

Spending more than the means

Occasions of greed and selfishness

Blame it on our incorrigible genes

It takes a catastrophe or damage

To make us think and change

Do we have to wait till we age?

Human nature is strange

The time is here and now

To avoid regret and grief

Realize your priorities and vow

To turn over a new leaf

© Venkat


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