48. The Unknown Truth

The notions of truth you see

Of every right and wrong

A way of trying to be

The perfect note to a song

We seem to have found

The reality it may seem

It appears whole and sound

To make us proud and beam

Alas, in the final outcome

Your notion ends in failure

You may appear winsome

But your truth is not an answer

The real truth changes its course

Based on knowledge, outcome and event

You are unwittingly wrong to force

The conclusions you always present

Finding right or wrong is a long journey

It is not a destination to reach

An investment than to spend money

Life in the end is not to preach

Truth is a thing you inch closer to

You cannot be sure to find

You may remain without a clue

For truth is open, not confined

Such is this truth unknown

Only a few remain strong to last

Remember it or be left alone

You will realize it from your past

© Venkat


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