47. If I Could Change My Past

The past is considered almost dead

You can’t take back words you said

Memory is the thing past would give

You can only look forward to live

Mind cannot stop but find

Curious to look back and rewind

Having found loopholes in life

To be free from them and strife

Life brings big lessons with time

Not without reason or rhyme

Wisdom comes after many blunders

When aged and old to advice others

An irresistible pastime to engage in

To feel the present and past within

To cut the past with a knife

As a surgeon for a second life

If I had the means to change

To redo my life and arrange

I would love to live by a farm

With family and people warm

Smell the flowers and the rain

Free from city smoke and pain

Live with the things I love most

Writing my lines by the coast

Be inspired by nature and the sky

A simple life without traffic passing by

To not be bogged down by the rat race

And pursue my own course at my pace

Even with fear I had to adjust

Looking at people without trust

Failures of the past I would change

Even if people found it to be strange

© Venkat


2 Comments to “47. If I Could Change My Past”

  1. :)Gazing at the sunset from the farmhouse on the beach, with sea breeze in your hair; penning your thoughts into paper!! Looks like you have already planned your post-retirement life! 😀 It is a beautifully worded poem!

  2. If I Could Change My Past= It looks like a treatice.Very good indeed treatice.

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