46. The Blame Game

Whenever, wherever in the world

Human nature is the same

An equal force to what is hurled

Man seeks refuge by putting blame

As a child you learn the way

To dodge Mother’s criticism

And shift blame as a type of play

To appear smart and winsome

A habit futile to carry as an adult

Such is the nature of human conflict

To point fingers just short of insult

Causing relationships to constrict

Moving blame is an easy way

To avoid dealing with truth

A way to dodge failure any day

Revenge by a tooth for a tooth

The failure of a promising project

Can be seen as a way to learn

It is not a right way to reject

A team working hard to earn

To face the reality is not to blame

It is in the way we act

To encourage or to defame

It is in our control to react

Time to pull out of our inertia

Look at people as valuable assets

Change and open up as the mantra

Learn lessons to see what love begets

© Venkat


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