44. When Newness Hurts

The day I bought a television

When I watched goggle eyed

Wiped the dust with precision

A delicate care of it as a bride

My heart morphs to a glass

When I buy things fresh and new

Shattered when others trespass

A distance I arguably drew

Wonder why the possessiveness

A feeling of an unthinkable loss

Attached to a form of flawlessness

A fear challenging our ethos

Deluded by an assumed permanence

I cling to a perfect newness

With fear, care and anger at once

It hurts to see my touchiness

Such is the nature of perfection

Man cannot handle with ease

Short lived becomes our notion

No such thing as a permanent lease

A blemish and a scar inevitable

However hard you may try

One day you become mentally stable

Coming to terms and no longer cry

I understood perfection in the end

A perfect thing for mind is a flaw

With my heart unbroken, nothing to mend

To embrace defects in the new is the law

© Venkat


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