43. To Swim Deep or Sink

All my thought spent so far

No answers of any worth

Burning up as a falling star

Short of reaching the Earth

The nature of a life to keep

To be the best in one thing

An obsession to swim deep

The only song in life to sing

Single minded in pursuit

Avoiding the nature around

To find the seed of the fruit

Losing interest in people around

Questions creep in my mind

On the true way to master

Should we lose everything to find

On assumptions of being faster

I wonder if it is right

The way to be a specialist

To do one thing with might

Nothing lasts without a twist

Is it deep enough to swim or sink?

I wonder if it takes anywhere

Will the spirit die while you think?

Look at the other side out there

To absorb the moments at present

Look people in their face

To observe ideas when nascent

And sing on the quiet days

The answer I cannot conclude

On whether to lose to swim deep

The events around to be valued

Or a determined pursuit to keep

© Venkat


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