42. So Struck by Her Beauty

As a writer by nature

I picked a pen and paper

Wrote of war and glories

And many little stories

I went in depth and breadth

From birth till death

Looking at every corner and nook

Sifting the pages of every book

I searched far and wide

For a companion by my side

Who would do her bit

And make things fit

But I wanted to play the game

And not look for fame

To abide by the rule

And not look like a fool

I longed for a partner

Who worked like a gardener

Who would bring up the flower

With her soul and power

Soon she was around

And I felt unbound

I could not break or mend

The ways I did pretend

To be busy and doing chores

Behind the closed doors

I wondered about my boss

But was at a loss

The past was glum

The present so plum

Anything could happen in life

With such a dazzling wife

I soon moved out of the past

Found the love that would last

So struck by her beauty that was whole

Her happiness with me became my goal

© Venkat


One Comment to “42. So Struck by Her Beauty”

  1. Got to say! Priya is lucky to have you! 😀 She must have been floored!

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