41. A Keyboard in my Hand

A computer keyboard in my hand

Is worth two pens in the stand

Words flow out with easy reach

As a cool breeze on a sunny beach

The world of pens I have left

Without the keyboard I am bereft

The fingers act in movements fast

To arrange words in good contrast

I can erase the words I do not need

No match to the computer’s speed

A paperless world is here to stay

Of tools online I have more to say

With the world of web at your feet

A myriad ways to blog and tweet

Scores of sites to refer and browse

A writer has online inspiration to arouse

Life seems in control with a keyboard

With its cousin mouse you are not bored

Information flows to people so fast

The days of isolation have gone past

We can raise voices and protest

By a simple keyboard you can inquest

You can make things happen in this age

With online presence the world’s a stage

On a keyboard and a mouse I find

The last few words in my mind

You cannot judge without trying

The proof of pudding is in eating

© Venkat


2 Comments to “41. A Keyboard in my Hand”

  1. You have a flair for words! 😀

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