40. The Voices Within

Words in dark silence unsaid

I hear the dreaded voices within

Cannot take them out of my head

They cling to me as a skin

Making the heart pound

A reality of mind’s fabrication

I think of people around

In their center of conversation

On the roads I daily pass by

The voices do not let me be

Timidly I move and shy

Things unspoken are what I see

In the subconscious I seem bound

To the nature of a depressing world

I do not wish to hear a sound

As the voices are innately hurled

Life has become a bed of thorn

I have had enough of it

A regret that I was born

Living everyday as a misfit

The way people look at me

With kindness and love extinct

Those like me would agree

The loss of warmth distinct

You heard my voice within

It may leave you ill at ease

Neglect in this world is a sin

Be it in your health or my disease

© Venkat


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