39. Wedged Between

Life is based on what we choose

If you fail to express it, you lose

Wedged between abstinence and greed

Convey with moderation your need

Life is beyond just give and take

If you fail to tell your want, others mistake

Wedged between excitement and suffering

Let your voice heard with a temperate bearing

Life is not about following rules

If you fail to see their need, it fools

Wedged between revolt and obedience

Adopt with thought and balance

Life is much more than what is shown

If you fail to read, it remains unknown

Wedged between logic and presumption

Discover more with gumption

Life is not about ability to argue

If you fail to see the point, no rescue

Wedged between wrong and right

Learn to accept with delight

Life is not about who is strong

If you fail to believe, you are wrong

Wedged between fight and flight

Test the ideas, not people’s might

Life is about value, not cost

If you fail to convince, you are lost

Wedged between a rush and a brake

Convey clearly on what is at stake

© Venkat


2 Comments to “39. Wedged Between”

  1. Hey Ravi!Just found out that the pair of words (fight,fight; rush,brake; excitement, suffering) are called siamese twins(linguistics! So many things to learn from your poems! You could actually think of publishing a book. Schools would love to teach such thought provoking poems.-Priya

  2. Thanks for the compliment Priya. Publishing? Hmm…Not thought of it.

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