38. A Sense of Pride

With feelings on a euphoric tide

I cannot suppress a sense of pride

When I seem to do better

Assume to be a trend-setter

Pride brings with it a need

As a baby to spoon-feed

The need to feed the ego

Which you cannot forego

When I bloat myself with pride

I feel alone with no one beside

The more pride I allow to persist

I am tempted and lose ways to resist

It makes me depend on others

As a hungry beggar who gathers

The opinions of others matter

Making the truth shatter

It hurts when I am rejected

When the high feeling is dejected

I cannot see anything but myself

Losing my knowledge of self

A fact I recently found

A truth that is profound

We all have limitations innate

And some strengths to appreciate

If they reject so can you

Praises you can tell them too

All things said and done

You are not the only one

© Venkat


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