37. Let Go

I tend so much to hold on

To see my thought as the only one

Stuck I am to find ways to move on

Unable to look at what I have done

I think myself to be different

But want others to align to myself

My selfishness wants life to be bent

Looking for solutions off the shelf

Many like me try to control

The things beyond their reach

If it cannot be seen as a whole

There is no reason to preach

A parent’s control on the daughter

On freedom and a career path

Can be changed for the better

Without strife and without wrath

We do not try to understand

Our own fear and neglect

We hang on for an upper hand

And never seem to accept

I cannot put in more words

My blind movements and limitation

Like skeletons in cupboards

The shameful secrets of a narrow vision

I realize the mistakes in my mind

The things we need not show

Remember that we are half blind

And the answer is to just let go

© Venkat


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