35. A Distance Apart

A little distance between takes you far

As the brake and accelerator are

The eyes see best from a length

Staying close is not always strength

The heart longs to be together

Losing the curiosity to gather

With a little distance between

You will know where you’ve been

The moment of separation is tough

The smoothness of life gets rough

But to the sentences on fondness

a paragraph break adds richness

The periods of distance I can count

Were the most fruitful ones I recount

Sticking together results in friction

Essential is a gap for lubrication

We may feel the blues

But what really glues

Is some distance apart

As one needs to aim a dart

Growing love is one thing

To get better understanding

The distance of separation

Adds more to our perception

Just as a flute needs holes a little away

To make music in a meaningful way

This I strongly believe I have found

A little distance makes the world go round

© Venkat


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