34. A Cog in the Wheel

In this era of games people play

The mammoth World out there

It is easy to feel lost any day

The World seems for those who dare

You might feel hollow

Under the heavy weight

Of the failures you swallow

From the trap of other’s bait

While you seem like captive

With nothing in store

It is just in our perspective

Life is not such a bore

We are not separate individuals by birth

There is a strong connection

Between each human on this earth

As patriotism in a nation

We cannot hurt anyone

Without hurting our self

There is no game the other won

Without involving yourself

Look at the picture as a whole

We are part of universal machinery

With each playing a role

Be it in bounty or misery

One may be the engine driver

And the other a signal man

But without one of either

It is like a cook without a pan

Whether a senior or a junior

It is in the way you feel

Nothing is superior or inferior

We are all cogs in the same wheel

© Venkat


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