33. Who’s Talking?

As I take a moment to stop

Look through the corners of my mind

The picture much clear from the top

A perspective to see and find

The way we talk

Touches us in many ways

There are hard realities that stalk

There are games in what one says

The games of who is stronger

And the games of what is strong

These two you cannot ignore any longer

You can debate on them hard and long

A life without a game

Is not worthwhile or understood

The questions of strength remain the same

A means to existence like food

What you must not forget

Look underneath and dive

It is not about you or the person you met

The World may talk about who will survive

It is in the art of conversation

To know that we cannot

Dismiss or lead to rejection

To keep people in mind but leave out their thought

Living within self absorbed worlds in the end

We often talk to judge people and criticize at length

Look carefully what you accept or reject as the trend

Un-focus from people and judge only the strength

© Venkat


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