29. Words

Every word you say

Touches me in some way

I do not know what you mean

What you see is not what is seen

The word that troubled yesterday

Seems to give solace today

The one that pleased the heart

Now hurts me in every part

My head turns like a pendulum

Unable to comprehend and looking glum

What is so powerful about your word?

To make me feel dumb and absurd

Every word seems double edged

Between two feelings I am wedged

God, please give me an answer

Words hold me at ransom as a gangster

When will I understand what it means?

Is it in upbringing or in my genes?

Are you talking reality or pointing at me?

Life is a subtle game of blame you see

One day I hope I will know

From experience and places I go

Which word is real and which one true

When it will trouble and when rescue

© Venkat


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