28. Rise and Shine

Its time to rise from slumber

Open your eyes and be nimbler

Forget the dreams of your sleep

Hear the alarm’s loud beep

Your life has a short stay

Lose not your precious day

You have only little time

Do what keeps you in prime

Focus on the things you love most

Fill time with what you hold upmost

First things first is the saying

To be adept at managing

Time may be short to measure

May leave little moments for leisure

But we fill our time most it seems

By petty ideas or pointless dreams

Leave your past ways behind

Stop looking at it by rewind

The future may be hard or uncertain

But it brings new strengths for certain

Opportunity may not knock often

So, keep your eyes and ears open

Ignite your passion as fire on coal

Live by values and shoot the goal

© Venkat


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