27. Generation Gap

Generations have come and gone

For mankind since eon

It is a real story of age

Makes one think and engage

As I grew to be a proud parent

And look at my child’s judgment

I am stunned and beside myself

Feeling aloof from his world and self

Today’s generation is way apart

It strikes hard on the heart

They seem to know better than us

Some from my age think it is fuss

My parents thought the same of me

Every two generations have a gap to see

The manners and independence differ

Some come to love it and some suffer

It is the way society has grown

Old thoughts have been easily thrown

The young have moved in two ways

Either smart or with unabashed displays

The newborn young generation

May decide the future of nation

But they can never dismiss as scrap

The pain of an eternal generation gap

© Venkat


2 Comments to “27. Generation Gap”

  1. Very nice and interesting. Keep posting something like this always..

  2. Another treatice ,philosophical one this……………..

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