25. Beauty

To find the nature of beauty

I took up with a sense of duty

However complex it seemed

It was as mysterious as a dream

People, places and things I have seen

The travels and tours I have been

Many beautiful and memorable

Such moments but are not eternal or stable

The grand mythology of ancient Greece

The soul stirring sound of a musical piece

And many such beautiful marvels to see

You would think where else could beauty be

Beauty appears different to the wise

It is not what is beheld with your eyes

That beauty is what man wants and chases

Ignorant of the inner eye’s unseen places

To an astronaut, beauty is in a star

To a Grand Prix racer, in a car

To an adventurer, beauty is in the risk

To a jockey, in the music disc

Beauty is not a thing to search around

As you realize it, you become free, unbound

For beauty is always with you when you find

The love for a thing in your heart and mind

© Venkat


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