24. Dress Matters

Face is the said to be the index of man

Think of its deep meaning if you can

I have deduced it to be true

People who really read the face are few

They rely on looks and go astray

Make judgments in a myopic way

They conclude from what they see

Seek what is available for free

Soon they bury the truth and burn the fact

Prefer appearance even if it is an act

Appearances are hence said to be deceptive

It pays to know about your look and be receptive

The dress is a building block of your look

As good or bad as the cover of a book

The color, shape and fitting does concern

Without them being right, the mind will yearn

Women seem to know better than men

For attire they have a natural acumen

As the audience, so the garb

Conscious as they are of fat and carb

Times have changed a lot

You are not respected or sought

Till you care for decent apparel

And keen on what people tell

It is said that with people you know

Your reputation will show

With people who are unknown

What matters is the dress sense shown

© Venkat


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