23. Hobby

Man no doubt seeks pleasure

Often from work pressure

With a need to manage stress

And cover up his habitual mess

There is no time for us to search and find

Someone already knows and leaves you behind

Things do not work as in books

Real life seems about strength and looks

Adolescents take time to understand

The societal nature and make a stand

It becomes hard to cope

Tough to move without hope

We all need some peace of mind

A break from this world of mankind

To immerse ourselves in some way

Into a little world of joy each day

An interest makes the difference

And satisfies in every sense

It is good to develop one early in age

To come out of the man-made cage

It could be music, reading or playing

Do not lose time for it is ticking

Start today before it goes past

To feel the peace that will last

It brings out more than talent

Giving no room to lament

As long as your will to live is not dead

A hobby will stand you in good stead

© Venkat


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