21. Success

Success appears easy to define

It seems to have a clearly drawn line

Society has set some milestones

They have gone deep into our bones

Money is the first measure

We may earn it easy or in pressure

As long as we have wealth

it indicates success’s health

Hierarchical position is the second way

to check our success in display

As soon as we reach the status

people begin to rate us

Winning is the third sign

Competition makes success shine

Being better than the other

sets each apart from one another

Man has made these success rules

Even taught them in his schools

I would differ from this my friends

I do not subscribe to such success trends

Money, position and winning may be true

but real success among them is few

I do not believe in success of such kind

for they do not guarantee peace of mind

Other qualities I found

define success that is sound

When you are down to earth

success is never a dearth

As you inch closer to your own reality

you will find your success in society

The moment you stop imagining things

you soar with success on wings

© Venkat


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