20. Marriage

The true journey of marriage

lies in commitment and courage

The faster it tends to be

Better it is to live and see

Bachelors and spinsters beware

Marriage is for those who dare

It has mechanics to make it work

Once into it, you cannot shirk

You can’t make a choice at random

It fails without two thoughts in tandem

To look beyond the Yes and No

It takes time to realize and know

If you divide the job and not the role

You can’t think together as a whole

Love is not easy to make

With every moment your honesty at stake

You may not be able to agree

But ought to give freedom to disagree

You have to look at what works best

Forget yourself and do the rest

I cannot describe it more

When you marry you are at the shore

To discover the ocean grand

You must first leave your land

© Venkat


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